Survival Guide


Hypecon is a two-day anime-, manga- and gaming convention.

In 2024 Hypecon will be held in June on the 8th and on the 9th at the Hyvinkää town hall, Takomo, and Hyvinkääsali venues.

Hypecon is open on:

✦Saturday, 8th of June, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.✦

✦Sunday, 9th of June, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.✦


Hypecon is located in Kankurinkatu 4-6, 05801 Hyvinkää. It is around 1km from the train station, next to the shopping centre Willa. Map of the area in Finnish is shown below. Juna-asema = train station, kaupungintalo = town hall. Numbers 1-3: ATM/cash machines

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There are a couple of drinking water points in the yard area. Please remember to keep your own refillable water bottle with you as we do not offer single-use plastic cups for environmental reasons. You can fill your own water bottle at the drinking water points or from sinks by bathrooms. The tap water in Finland is clean and suitable for drinking.


This year Hypecon has a supervised cloakroom organised by hobby group Revontuli. The cloakroom is open during event opening times in the city hall’s lobby by the stairs. The cost per person is 3€, and only cash is accepted.

There are also unsupervised cloakroom spaces within the event area. These may be used at your own risk. Please note that the Hyvinkää Youth Services or Hypecon do not take responsibility of items left in the unsupervised cloakroom spaces. Therefore we ask you to not leave any valuables (wallet, phone, keys) unsupervised.

There are 2 unisex changing rooms available for everyone in the Takomo building, downstairs and left from the door. Unfortunately we are not able to offer more changing rooms as the venue does not have any more. The changing rooms can be recognised by the signs on the doors. Please use hairspray and perfume in moderation. If for some reason you are unable to use the changing rooms, you may use the bathrooms for changing, but please do be swift and considerate of other users. Do not use hairspray or perfume in the toilets.


Please read the ‘weapon replicas’ section in the safety & security for instruction on cosplay props.

Clearly offending or inappropriate cosplay outfits may be asked to be changed out of. If necessary, security will remove persons disagreeing to do this from the venue. We have decided to prohibit realistic army and war-themed outfits, which resemble real clothing in war situations. This includes army outfits, war outfits, and cosplaying from source material that depicts realistic war equipment. This does not include unrealistic, fantasy, or sci-fi outfits, or clearly historical outfits like a knight’s outfit. Attack on Titan, boffer outfits and Fullmetal Alchemist are examples of permitted costumes.

If you are unsure whether your costume is appropriate, you can contact ✉ or discuss with the information desk upon arrival.


Hypecon is an alcohol-free and drug-free event, and bringing alcohol or other drugs to the event is prohibited. You will not be allowed in the venue if you’re inebriated. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited, except in the separate area designated for smoking.

Please do not block stairs or other passageways. Please do not stop to take pictures in stairs or other passageways. There is plenty of space for taking pictures outside and in bigger rooms. Please do not sit on the stairs.

Parking vehicles in the courtyard during the event without a separate permit is prohibited. Parking in front of the gate leading to the courtyard is strictly prohibited.

Spraying hairspray or perfumes is strictly forbidden inside the venues, except in the changing rooms. This is especially important in the bathrooms as hairspray can cause severe symptoms on allergic people.

Detailed version can be read from here.


During the event, lost and found items are at the courtyard’s info-desk. After the event you can contact for lost and found items.

Map of the venue in Finnish below.

sisäänkäynti = entrance

infopiste = information desk

EA-piste = first aid desk

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