Artist Alley Applications

Hypecon will be held from June 10th to 11th 2023 in Hyvinkää. There will also be an artist alley!

At Hypecon’s artist alley, artists and crafters alike can wow the attendees (and staff) with their amazing products. From originals to fan-art, the opportunities are limitless! The artist alley is located in the heart of the merch hall, surrounded buy a consistent flood of visitors!


(Please read the below instructions before applying!)

A jury formed of Hypecon staff members will select those applicants who get a spot at the artist alley. They will pay a special attention on on the content of the application and has the portfolio been done according to the given instructions & the quality of the works. Based on this, the jury aims to choose a wide variety of artists for the convention.

If you are a first time applicant to an artist alley and have not vended before, this will also be taken into account. Like during the last years, there are quota spots for the first time vendors, which is about 5-10 artists. The rest of the artist alley spots will be filled with applicants with some more experience.

There is only a limited amount of tables available for the whole weekend. If you’re applying for a whole weekend spot, please be prepared that we also may offer you a table only for one of the two artist alley days.

✦ Artist Alley table pricing:

  • 1 day (Saturday or Sunday): 10€ per table
  • Full weekend: 15€ per table

The table fee will be collected at the event from the vendors in cash.

✦ While filling out the application form please note:

If you want to share your table with a friend, you should make one shared application that has the information of each artist applying as a group on the artist alley. This includes a portfolio from each artist and other information asked in the form.

Note: There is a maximum of 3 sellers per table!

✦ Portfolio instructions ✦

The portfolio can only contain a maximum of 5 example works per artist.

Each example photo must not contain multiple smaller pictures in it, such as in a collage. Only attach up to 5 different high quality photos of products/artwork.

Product serie pictures are allowed.

(Product serie: for example a photo of three different earrings made with the same technique and they look similar to each other, but the colors may vary between them. The products are clearly related to each other.)

If you have already vended at an artist alley during the past years, one of your example photos can be photo if your previous artist alley table setups.

✦ If applying as a group:

If you are applying as a group (maximum of 3 applicants per table) we ask you to make one shared portfolio that contains each group member’s portfolio and photo examples within it, with a maximum of 5 photo examples per applicant.


Please do not use your own social media, such as Instagram or DeviantArt, as your portfolio. If you do, please note that the jury will only judge and take into account the first five images in your social media feed.

When choosing photos for your portfolio, pay attention to the following:

  • Aim to show a wide variety of products you will have for sale at your table.
  • Pay attention to the fact that Hypecon is an event for all ages.
  • We aim to choose artists whose works would appeal best to our convention attendees.

✦ If you notice that you have made a mistake while filling out your application:

Send an email to with the title of “Artist Alley: problem with the application form” and describe the mistake. You do not need to make a completely new application if you make a mistake!

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