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Hypecon is an anime and videogame convention in Hyvinkää, Finland. At Hypecon, you can explore panels, Warhammer, merchandise tables, stage performances, and a whole lot more!

In 2023 Hypecon will be held in June on 10.-11.6.2023 at the Hyvinkää town hall, Takomo, and Hyvinkääsali venue.

Details about opening hours for Saturday and Sunday will be published closer to the event.

The event is for all ages and free to attend!

Hypecon is an event that anybody can take part in organizing. The planning is coordinated by the Hyvinkää Youth Services and the “Conitea”. You can participate in planning the event and coming up with program ideas by contacting ✉ via email. 

From this link, you can find more information about how the event is built!



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Estimated end: January 2023


Due to changes in the Con Calendar Hypecon has moved the date of the event. 2023 Hypecon will be held June 10th to 11th instead of the previously stated date.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but we hope this will allow more people to attend Hypecon.


Hypecon is over for this year and we would like to thank all of our attendees! The event gathered an estimated 7 000 visitors total, with 4 500 visitors on Saturday. We are incredibly grateful for all the attendees to Hypecon and we would appreciate if you would fill out our feedback form so we can improve the event further. This is the link to the feedback form!


We have published a statement about changes to our cosplay rules. These changes apply to realistic war costumes. You can read the statement by clicking this text!

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