The announcement refers to the survival guide’s cosplay section.

The Hypecon announcement regarding changes in the cosplay guidelines for realistic weapon replicas and military costumes has sparked discussions both in favor and against. In these discussions, important considerations and thoughts have been raised, and we provide clarification to avoid misunderstandings.

The discussions have pondered whether dressing up, for example, in attire related to the Attack on Titan series or any military costume clearly detached from the current world situation would be prohibited. The policy does not apply to costumes related to Attack on Titan or similar outfits that do not evoke the same imagery as what we currently see in the news media.

However, realistic military costumes in cosplay include, for instance, attire resembling characters from the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) game, featuring realistic-looking bulletproof vests, large realistically designed firearms, and items like gas masks.

In the discussions, there has been understandable disappointment regarding the short notice between the announcement and the event, and questions have been raised about why the information was released at this stage. The answer to this is that we became aware of the situation only recently. During a collaboration meeting earlier, it became apparent that individuals directly affected by the conflict in Ukraine would be attending our event.

As Hypecon is an all ages and free-of-charge event, it attracts not only hobbyists but also many families and aspiring enthusiasts. Therefore, the Finnish language used in the program, subject matter, or age recommendations does not limit those visiting the park area or entering the sales hall for shopping. We would have certainly wanted to understand this aspect of our free event’s role in the event field earlier. However, we had to quickly discuss the event’s equality and accessibility, ensuring it remains a safe event for everyone attending. With this, we hope for understanding from the hobbyist community towards those who perceive the current world situation differently than many of us.

Hypecon’s core values include equal opportunities to participate, engage in hobbies, and explore con events safely while respecting physical, mental, and social well-being.