Safety and Security

Hypecon – a safe and secure event

Hypecon is targeted for a wide range of hobbyists that enjoy anime, manga, K-pop, Asian youth culture or games in general. Therefore, our event has become a meeting place for people of all ages who either participate, present, or volunteer to make the event possible. Hypecon offers everyone a safe and secure environment to have fun and enjoy their time with people of similar interests.

Principles of safe premises

Everyone participating in Hypecon is expected to follow certain principles to ensure a safe environment for everyone. The principles are as follows:

  • Respect each others’ boundaries and ensure that the premises stay in the condition that they originally were in. If you want to take pictures with other participants always ensure that you have their permission for it. When taking pictures, you also must remember that most likely there are other people in the background. Therefore, it is important to understand that their privacy and psychological safety must be respected. When taking general event pictures ensure that the contents of the picture cannot cause harm to the individuals involved. Everyone has the right to physical integrity which also includes that no hugs without consent are allowed. Hypecon keeps expanding in size and therefore it important to move carefully and with respect in crowded areas.
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. You don’t have to like all the cosplays or the source materials that are presented, but you have to remember that the event is for people of all ages and interests. Disrespecting someone else based on their physical appearance, cosplay outfit, interests, or any other reason is forbidden. Treat everyone with respect and the way you would want to be treated. Do not make assumptions about a person’s appearance, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, values, or anything else. Be understanding of differing views, limitations, and experiences.
  • If you offend someone accidentally or on purpose, be sure to apologize immediately and try to find a way to de-escalate the situation. In problematic situations security personnel are there to help you. You can always recognize the security staff from their yellow or orange hi-vis vests with “Järjestyksenvalvoja/Ordningsvakt/Security” written on them. Alternatively you can always turn to the information desk for help.
Values of Hypecon

The key values of Hypecon are equality, inclusivity, and sense of community.


Hypecon is continuously working towards making the event available for everyone. The event itself has free entry and people of all ages are welcome. Accessibility of the event premises is continuously monitored to ensure easy access for everyone. Included in our staff are trained youth workers, info-desk managers, and security personnel who can help you and provide answers to any questions.


Hypecon welcomes everyone to participate in the planning, designing, and execution of the event. The event itself was originally created by hobbyists for other hobbyists. Hypecon offers a chance for everyone to show their skills and enthusiasm during event organising. Everyone’s availability and schedule are taken into consideration when planning the event. The goal is to keep the participation in Hypecon’s events free and the possible material costs of some hands-on workshop programs low.

Sense of community

The Hypecon community is tied together by an interest towards convention events. Our visitors range from adult long-term hobbyists to younger audiences who are just starting their new hobby. No matter the previous experience, everyone is welcome at Hypecon. Hypecon aims to offer a positive environment and a community which provides opportunities for hobbyists to meet each other.

No alcohol or drugs

Events organized by Hyvinkää youth services have zero tolerance towards alcohol and drugs. Smoking is not recommended but is allowed in designated areas.

Weapon replicas

Weapon replicas are allowed as part of cosplay suits at Hypecon. However, firearms are prohibited according to Finnish Firearms act (9.1.1998/1) which mentions firearms, gas sprays, and ammunition. Deactivated firearms are also prohibited. Weapon replicas with appearances that can be easily mistaken as real firearms (including airsoft guns) are prohibited.

Blade replicas are allowed, but the users must carry them with due care. Sharp and/or heavy blades can cause damage to property or person if carried carelessly.

If you’re unsure whether your weapon qualifies for the event, please contact the event organizer’s security services in advance. You can find the security services’ email from the bottom of the page under the “Contact us!” section.

Security personnel

Hypecon’s security personnel consists of volunteer workers. Some have multiple years of experience in the field, and some are just at the beginning of their careers. Hypecon is a beginner friendly environment, and we are always looking for more interested volunteers to join our ranks. If you’re interested to take your first steps in the field of security in one of Finland’s largest conventions, please contact us! You can find the security services’ contact information under the “Contact us!” section.

Event area driving permits

Driving in the event area (inner courtyard) without a separate permit is prohibited during the event. Hypecon vendors, program coordinators, and other organizers can apply for a separate driving permit that exempts them from this rule. However, there must be a valid reason for it and driving must be kept to a minimum. Examples of valid reasons are delivery of heavy furniture or large vendor items.

Applications for driving permits must be sent to the security services’ email address found under the “Contact us!” section.

Anti-harassment contact person

If you encounter any kind of harassment, such as bullying, name-calling, discrimination, or other inappropriate behaviour at Hypecon, you can contact Hypecon’s anti-harassment contact person. Both event-goers and staff can contact the anti-harassment contact person.

The anti-harassment contact person offers confidential conversational help. If necessary and if the parties involved give their permission, the anti-harassment contact person can forward the issue to e.g. security personnel or other appropriate con organisers. The anti-harassment contact person will not act as a judge nor spread any information without permission. The goal is to resolve issues through conversation.

During the event, you can reach the anti-harassment contact person from 0404611272. You can either call or send a text message. The phone number is also found in the program leaflet and on information desks.

Contact us!

Any questions related to the event safety or security can be sent to security services’ email.