Call for Programs 2023


✦ The call for program creators is open from January 9th to April 30th 2023 ✦

Some of the program creator spots will already be filled during the application period. If your application is ready, do not wait until the end of the period to submit it. 

You can edit your program introduction for the leaflet until May 14th 2023.


Write a separate email for each program that you want to submit.

✦ Send your program applications to:

✦ Title your application as:

Program application / Saturday

Program application / Sunday

Program application / Game program

Program application / Hypecon

How to choose a title:

✦ Program application / Saturday: If you prefer your program is held on Saturday, use this title. If your program focuses on games, title your application Program application / Game program.

✦  Program application / Sunday: If you prefer your program is held on Sunday, use this title. If your program focuses on games, title your application Program application / Game program. 

✦  Program application / Game program: If the primary focus of your program is on introducing or playing games, title it Program application / Game program. Game programs can be about topics such as miniature games, card games, board games, roleplaying or larping, or video games. Panels and discussions about games can be titled Program application / Saturday or Program application / Sunday, because the panel rooms are farther away from Hypecon’s game section. 

✦ Program application / Hypecon: Use this title if you have no preference on the day you host your program.

✦ The program application must include:

– The name of the program (can be changed until May 15th).

– The names of the program hosts.

NOTE: Write the name that you would like us to use in the program leaflet. If you would like to use an alias, write down the alias. If you would like to use both your name and an alias, write it down as “First name “Alias” Surname”. If the program is hosted by an association or a company write the name of the association or company. 

✦ Tentative description of the program: 

The program (choose one or more):
– is aimed at beginners
– is aimed at people familiar with the topic
– contains spoilers
– is recommended for ages 13 and up

– is recommended for ages 16 and up

– is suitable for all ages

– requires a seating ticket

– requires a material fee for participants (workshops).

✦ Type of program: Is the program a presentation, an act, an interactive experience, a workshop, a promotional booth, a panel, or something else? The program does not need to fit into a given category. You can freely describe your program here.

✦ Program duration: For example 20, 50, 80, or 110 minutes, open all day, or open for a limited time. The duration of the program can differ from the given times but we intend to have a 10-minute gap between each program. For this reason, 30 or 60 minutes are not valid durations.

✦ Required equipment for the program: Do you need tables, a computer, sound system equipment, or something else? Describe the structure of your program so that we can discuss your technical requirements. You can also request what type of space you need for your program, such as a room with a large capacity for an audience, or a smaller more open space for a workshop.