Artist Alley Applications

✦ Applications for the Artist Alley are open 5.2.–10.3.2024! ✦

✦ Info

Hypecon will be held in Hyvinkää again in 8.-9.6.2024. As per usual, there will be an Artist Alley among other attractions.

At the Artist Alley hobbyist artists and handcrafters delight visitors (and organisers) with their wonderful creations of original and fan art. The Artist Alley is located in an excellent spot within the spacious and lively Sales Hall.

A jury composed of Hypecon staff will decide which artists and handcrafters will be chosen for the Artist Alley. The jury will pay attention especially to whether the application and the portfolio have been made following the rules given, and the quality and implementation of the samples in the portfolio. The jury will aim to choose a wide variety of different artists.

In the selection process, it will be taken into consideration whether the artist has previously been in an artist alley. We will once again have a first-time applicant quota, meaning that we will take in 5-10 artists who have not before been in an artist alley. The rest of the tables will be allocated between experienced artists.

✦ Artist Alley table pricing:

  • 10 €/table

The fee for the table will be collected during the event.
NB! We only accept payment in cash.

✦ While filling out the application form please note:

In the case that you want to share a table with a friend(s), please send in only one application which includes everyone’s information, portfolios, and other required information.

 Instructions for making a portfolio

  • The portfolio should have no more than 5 different images of artworks per applicant.
  • A single image cannot include several small images of different artworks (i.e. no collages). Please make sure that your portfolio has only 5 images that are clearly of different artworks. If you have previously had an artist alley table, one of the images can be a photo of it.
  • Images of obvious product lines are allowed (Product line: e.g. a photo of three earrings that have been made with the same technique and look similar, but differ in e.g. colour or other detail. The products are clearly part of the same series/line).

✦ If applying as a group:

If you are applying as a group (maximum of 3 applicants per table) we ask you to make one shared portfolio that contains each group member’s portfolio and photo examples within it, with a maximum of 5 photo examples per applicant.

Please note:

We would prefer it if you do not use Instagram, DeviantArt, or other art sites or photo apps as your portfolio. If you use such sites, please note that the jury will only consider the first 5 images found at the point of evaluation.

While choosing images for your portfolio, please note the following:

  • Selling AI-generated art is prohibited at the Artist Alley
  • Try to show a variety of different products you are selling
  • Remember that Hypecon is an event for all ages
  • We aim to choose artists and handcrafters whose works might interest our visitors

You can use e.g. Carrd, your own website, or PowerPoint to make your portfolio. Please remember to follow the above mentioned rules regardless of the site or app you use.

Please note that the application form is only in Finnish. If you need help filling the application form, email us at

>Link to the application form<

✦ If you notice that you have made a mistake while filling out your application:

Please email us at ✉ with the title “Artist Alley: problem in the application form” and describe the mistake. This way you don’t need to refill the whole application form in case of a mistake made.