From the map you can find the accessible parking spaces and blue arrows for wheelchair-accessible entrances.

In case of issues related to accessibility, please contact the information desk or security.

All indoor areas of Hypecon: Most indoor areas have thresholds between rooms. Some are small, while others are quite high.

Arriving at the venue: There are a few accessible parking spaces at the venue, as well as limited regular parking spaces. The most convenient access to the courtyard is from the parking spaces near the Villatehdas, although both routes have slightly steep paths. There is a ramp at the City Hall entrance, but it is also quite steep. It’s also possible to reach the venue from the train station, but the path from Hyvinkää station to ground level involves a steep hill. It’s essential to note that Hyvinkää has many small and large hills.

Courtyard: The courtyard area is mostly gravel. Fortunately, it’s fairly well-compacted, so wheelchair wheels should not easily get stuck. The City Hall side of the courtyard has cobblestones, and very small front wheels might encounter some difficulty. Also, the tips of crutches may fit in between the stones, so it’s important to pay attention to this at the venue.

Hypecafe: The café is indoors and not wheelchair accessible.

Greenroom (staff only): Access to the Greenroom from the courtyard is not wheelchair accessible. There is a small step from the gravel to a platform in front of the door, and inside there are a few steps. Wheelchair-accessible entry is via a somewhat longer route from the other side of the building, near the parking spaces. There is a ramp on that side, and once you get there you can contact an organizer by phone, and the door will be opened for you.

Areena: Access to the Areena is through large doors from the courtyard via a concrete ramp. Sellers inside the Areena have been asked to consider accessibility, but it cannot be guaranteed. However, navigating between seller points and around the artist alley should be reasonably easy as it is spacious. There is a raised area with boards along the perimeter of the Areena, and accessing and leaving it may be challenging. Occasionally, one might unintentionally step on and off it.

Takomo: Entry to Takomo is not entirely wheelchair accessible. A temporary ramp was installed last year because access from the courtyard gravel was very challenging. We aim to set up a functional ramp to the main door of Takomo this year as well. Inside, there is an elevator that goes to the second floor. The elevator door does not open automatically, and the button must be pressed the whole time. The accessible restroom is immediately to the right of Takomo’s main entrance. The hangout space floor is carpeted, and some rooms have fluorescent lights. In the Blackbox, there are a few reserved spaces for wheelchairs in front of the seating, as well as priority seating for those who need it. The changing rooms are not accessible.

Villa Arttu: Villa Arttu is part of Hypecon for the first time, and the indoor areas have not been checked for accessibility. There is a new ramp to the entrance, but when going down there are only cobblestones for about half of the ramps width, the other side is gravel and large rocks.

City Hall: Once inside, the area is reasonably easy to navigate. There is an accessible restroom in the City Hall lobby.

Hyvinkääsali: Information about the accessibility of Hyvinkääsali can be found on the Hyvinkääsali website, although only in Finnish.. The accessible restroom is located on the first floor.